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Dec 9, 2013 3:30pm PST
here's senator rand paul over the weekend. this guy would make scrooge very proud. >> you're causing them to become this part of perpetual unemployed group in our economy. while it seems good, it does a disselfto the people you're trying to help. >> uh, no. welcome to the real world, senator, where there are still three job applicants for every one job out there, cutting the lifeline for active job seekers there not magically create, but it will put -- cutting unemployment benefits? that is a five ho ho ho, newt gingrich. first, let me say i believe there are things we could do to dramatically improve the impact. to actually prepare people for getting to work and versus a better job in the future. but took in the crossfire, weapon hawaii's democratic governor, neil abercrombie, and tim pawlenty, in a different life another colleague of mine. we're delighted to have both of you here this evening. governor, economists like larry summers, who was an adviser both to president obama and before that to president clinton have concluded that long-term unemployment compensation act
Dec 6, 2013 3:30pm PST
. nancy, rand paul, senator paul was in detroit today. and he laid out an economic strategy. some of which i like and some of which i think was problematic. one of the things he said he wanted to do was to lift the requirements of paying prevailing wage and paying a wage to construction workers that for union construction workers. he said i want to lift that burden from construction companies. we've been talking about raising the wage. do you think it is an i crease in prosperity? >> i think it could be if it creates jobs. as someone who had a record that was not all that rosy, i think should you allow me to answer. when you economic growth, it doesn't matter if you set an artificially high wage. he's talking about lowering the artificially high costs in a state that is hemorrhaging jobs. so when you had other states even with similar manufacturing bases that were doing well, this state was doing poorly. >> you went bankrupt. hello! >> do you know what? hello! >> toyota built flourishing plants in places like tennessee. so higher regulation, higher taxes and you had prevailing wages. >> wa
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2